2G Speeds. Or In Other Words, May As Well Be Offline

i lowered the tier on my phone plan this month in an attempt to balance my budget at the last second (lowered to 5 gigs for LTE speeds) and i have done this many times before and never regretted it. I do so not just to save money but because it more or less forces me to not use the Internet as much for superfluous reasons (mindless YouTube videos, compulsive Web browser queries, etc). In fact, this is usually the speed I have on my phone when i am more or less going “offline” for a month. I have done that many times in the past three years, as well (though, not in a while). I will not just try to keep my Internet usage to simply #writing and shitposting on Twitter / Mastodon, but i will keep my Internet usage to simply writing and shitposting on Twitter / Mastodon! :P

And as for tonight, well, i slept all day because, idk why, so i will be up late as fuck and making tons of coffee. Spotify doesn't come through real clear on 2G, so i will revert back to my playlist i made for offline music (which i downloaded some time ago).

Anyway, time for coffee.