Black Metal, Black Coffee, Good Times

I just got done listening to a little bit of Windir and having black coffee and i am feelin' pretty good. And somehow my mind drifted over to some Instagram accts w/ tattoos on them (it's where you will find the best/latest work, honestly) even though i do not have an Insta acct, and i looked at some of the best work from the past week, and whattya know? I wanna get tattooed again. But i refuse to do so because i hate the atmosphere of shops. If someone (talented) was willing to come to my apartment with their gear and i could pay them handsomely to do so, i would get more ink. But i sincerely doubt that will ever happen so i will just have to be happy with the tattoos i have (which amounts to about 10 tattoo (2 of them are rather large)). And the more i think about it, the more i think i will be some sunburned bum in old age and have these few, straggling, black and grey tattoos on these random parts of my arms and they will be weathered to shit from too much outdoors time and i will look tough as a coffin nail and everyone will be like; “you know TM? Yea that grey-haired sumbitch that rides his cruiser bike up and down the beach with the tattoos. That rotten sonofabitch!” and i can be a mini-legend. LMAO!

Seriously though, no more tattoos

THat's all i gotta say