Changing This ish

GoDaddy is gar-bitch! I am no longer using their service. i already went on a rant about them and have calmed down now, so i am not going to rant about it anymore.

What I am doing is changing my name around on the WWW. No more real last name. Just initials are OK. And the 404 moniker, i suppose. I also bought the domain BUT it is locked-in to GoDaddy for 60 days (i wish i had done NameCheap, but this was before the whole pricing, shotty service debacle which commenced about five minutes after i purchased it). I am going to transfer the domain to NameCheap ASAP (aka 60 days), and then i will feel better.

Anyway, i had a nice birthday breakfast with the mom (her b-day, not mine) and it was very nice. Got grocery shopping done, too :)

Now i am home sweet home with a giant fucking iced coffee and i feel good.

That's about all for now.