Changing Up A Bit

As mentioned in a prev blog post, i cannot properly go off a Web browser and still be a productive citizen of the Internet, so i went back to Firefox Focus, and it is definitely my favorite browser.

I also re-downloaded the #FDroid apk and installed TwitLatte for my Twitter acct (bc addiction) bc i would like to experience that service ad-free. I am really resenting the fact that i use the services of such an evil company so much. Really trying to only use Mastodon (via FediLab) these days.

I also saw a thing on reddit about a service called “FreeTube” that blocks any and all ads from YouTube, but i am already using NewPipe for that and i enjoy it a lot. Great interface. There are other out there, but i like NewPipe.

I also poked around the Internet to see if there was a Lineage OS release for the Moto G6 Forge (budget G6), and there doesn't seem to be one, or at least not a stable version. I know that this is by far my favorite phone i have owned since the One+1 years ago, and i really like it. It basically has everything that i want in a smartphone including good battery, which was a huge issue for my last phone.

At the end of the day, I can see myself buying a BlackBerry Key2 LE, but i really don't want to until it drops well below $300. I just hate what companies ask you to pay for a smartphone these days. Almost becoming the norm, which is why so many people are getting Chromebooks and booting Linux and ditching smartphones altogether (as i would like to).

Perhaps not this month, but maybe this Summer I can opt for the home LTE service and go w/ a dumb / feature phone and Chromebook setup instead of the phone / Bluetooth keyboard setup i have now? I mean this is the most efficient (in terms of small / portable devices) and in terms of bills, but...idk. I just know that i am going to treat myself the next time i get paid and buy a (very GOOD) tobacco pipe (Stanwell 98) and a few tins of high-end tobaccy. That is basically all i am treating myself to, so, FUN!

Anyway, that's all for now.