I Am Creating An E-zine

i started it already. it is called 405 Darkly. The tagline is “To Be Filled In”. It has a little Web page (405darkly.carrd.co) and i will buy a proper domain eventually, but that is just a landing page where people can reference it. It will be distributed to subscribers on an invite-only basis but people can sign up (via e-mail) on that page.

I am going to be contacting different #writers for their contributions during February, and i will be paying them for their work. Diversity first, is the approach so i will be looking for people of different races and backgrounds to contribute first and foremost.

This is an e-zine (or electronic magazine) in the same vein as those old punk rock magazine that they sold at the local record store growing up (if you grew up in the 80s & 90s like me). The e-zine will be free to download, free to share, and print copies will be available upon request (for a small shipping fee). I am publishing the entire thing in an e-book format on writer.bighugelabs.com so if you are familiar with the (super simplistic) layout of that “site” (text editor, really) then you will get a feel for how this thing will be laid out. For $25 per year i can have an #ebook publishing template / format / whatever, so i will pay and take advantage of that.

There will be no Twitter handle, no Mastodon acct, no nothing for this publication other than the landing page and the publication itself. No frills. No bullshit. And I encourage people to request a print copy so this thing is real and tangible.

I am excited about this!