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Twitter = Digital Addiction / Digital Addiction = Twitter

What do you think of when you think of gambling? Some people may think of it as a good time they do once in a while. But many many many people (non-gamblers) think of it as – addiction.

What do you think of when you think of social media? You'd be hard-pressed to find people that do not use social media, but the answer to that question is – addiction. Social media should, and will be, categorized in the general public's vocabulary as “addiction” as the first thing that comes to mind when someone brings up the subject of social media in the not-too-distant future.

Right now, what do you think of when you think of the term “social media”? What words pop into your mind? Can you even verbalize them? Or just get the sensation of the concept? I am guessing it is a sensation and nothing more, and it is probably extremely neurologically stimulating, and that is what addiction is. No one can put into clear words what addiction is actually like. If addiction specialists had such words or descriptions narrowed down, the medical world would have come much further in treating the disease.

After almost 2+ years of reading up on and studying the subject(s) of addiction and social media, I can come to one universal conclusion as to how to get off of it. Cold Turkey. The last thing someone wants to hear whether they are struggling with the addiction of alcohol, narcotics, or social media. It is always put into the hands of the addict, themselves.

My only hope for society, is that awareness is brought to this subject and people choose to make healthier decisions in their life before some landmark study comes out similar to the Surgeon General's Report of the 1960s stating that cigarettes cause lung cancer. Addiction simply never ends well.

Changing This ish

GoDaddy is gar-bitch! I am no longer using their service. i already went on a rant about them and have calmed down now, so i am not going to rant about it anymore.

What I am doing is changing my name around on the WWW. No more real last name. Just initials are OK. And the 404 moniker, i suppose. I also bought the domain BUT it is locked-in to GoDaddy for 60 days (i wish i had done NameCheap, but this was before the whole pricing, shotty service debacle which commenced about five minutes after i purchased it). I am going to transfer the domain to NameCheap ASAP (aka 60 days), and then i will feel better.

Anyway, i had a nice birthday breakfast with the mom (her b-day, not mine) and it was very nice. Got grocery shopping done, too :)

Now i am home sweet home with a giant fucking iced coffee and i feel good.

That's about all for now.

I Am Creating An E-zine

i started it already. it is called 405 Darkly. The tagline is “To Be Filled In”. It has a little Web page ( and i will buy a proper domain eventually, but that is just a landing page where people can reference it. It will be distributed to subscribers on an invite-only basis but people can sign up (via e-mail) on that page.

I am going to be contacting different #writers for their contributions during February, and i will be paying them for their work. Diversity first, is the approach so i will be looking for people of different races and backgrounds to contribute first and foremost.

This is an e-zine (or electronic magazine) in the same vein as those old punk rock magazine that they sold at the local record store growing up (if you grew up in the 80s & 90s like me). The e-zine will be free to download, free to share, and print copies will be available upon request (for a small shipping fee). I am publishing the entire thing in an e-book format on so if you are familiar with the (super simplistic) layout of that “site” (text editor, really) then you will get a feel for how this thing will be laid out. For $25 per year i can have an #ebook publishing template / format / whatever, so i will pay and take advantage of that.

There will be no Twitter handle, no Mastodon acct, no nothing for this publication other than the landing page and the publication itself. No frills. No bullshit. And I encourage people to request a print copy so this thing is real and tangible.

I am excited about this!

i forgot to blog yesterday

or i should say, i was not up to it/tired, so i didn't. i will right now though!

yesterday i waited allll day for a refund from ToDoist (which they kindly did, and i appreciate them for that) because i was not using the app hardly at all as i have sort of gone “analog” in terms of calendar appts and notes. So, at 12:30AM this morning i woke up after sleeping all evening and saw that i had a refund from them and immediately went to the store and got some grub and iced coffee (and Red Bull!) and now it is 4:40AM and i am still wide awake and will be the rest of the day. I am going to do some big grocery shopping after the sun rises and then i am going to the 'rents house for my mom's b-day. Good times, indeed.

I have no idea when i am getting my tax refund check back yet, but when i do, i am going to pay the mom back a good chunk o'money + buy her a Roku 4 (for her belated b-day gift) and then save the rest of the money. Or spend it. Makes no difference. Haha. I am going to open a checking acct soon though so i can start accepting online payments (via ko-fi tips) for my #ebook (+ other writings). There is a possibility that i start using the Robin Hood app, too, because that would be a good way to put together some money (investing). I could get really hooked on that, but in a good way!

Anyway, that's about all for now.

Getting Organized

Cleaned up the desk

Put calendar appts in IdeaBook notebook, deleted calendar app from phone

Deleted ToDoist (even though I paid for a Premium acct on there)

Keeping everything pertinent offline from now on

Cleaned up the layout for my home screen + app drawer on the Moto G6 (w/ Nova)

Cleaned the kitchen

Organized the closet

Folded laundry

And now I suppose it is time to put my mind towards even more “decluttering” so to speak. I am a dogmatic minimalist (w/ no religion) so it is important to me to more or less find ways to constantly improve my environment by not having a lot of things in it.

One thing (well, two) must happen though – I need a day pack for hiking/biking at Cliff Cave Park (& other parks) and I need a rain coat for obvious reasons. A bike would help, too. These three things are being aquired soon. All beneficial to my quality of life and are fairly necessary, I would say. Fitness (and diet) are huge priorities for me.

That's about all for now.

Beta Testing

I am beta testing FediLab for Mastodon (was MastaLab) and also having coffee. I created #2FA sign-ups for Twitter + Masto using andOTP and am also using the password manager (as i mentioned in a previous blog post). Having a lot of fun with all of this.

I am more or less tethered to this phone for the foreseeable future because of all the 2FA + fingerprint-enabled things i have on here (and the phone number and my ProtonMail acct), but all of this is OK because I:

  • always pay my phone bill/will always have the same phone number

  • paid for a Premium acct on ProtonMail

  • own this phone outright so I never have to worry about payments for it (+ it is a really good phone)

So everything is all well and good in my little corner of the universe.

That's all for now.

Being “Legit”

I am opening a bank account. A traditional, direct-deposit bank acct so i can use Stripe for payments on ko-fi (Gold Account) as “tips” for the #ebooks that i am otherwise giving away for free via direct-download from my other website I have to set all of this up, of course (bank acct first) and then i can start distributing my e-books independently on the Web. Ko-Fi is good for other things, too, such as supporting #app makers and other people who offer relevant services. I like it way more than Patreon, but i will still make (recurring) payments to those who use Patreon, as long as their services are worth it.

Anyway, that's about all for now.

i can't get to sync... Twitter. idgaf though bc i will just copy/paste these bloggies into Twitter individually, anyway.


i am thinking about supporting one or two more people on Patreon. I am supporting an indie bookstore owner on there who has incredible insights to the world of publishing and just #books in general, and another person who runs that has terrific resources on how to protect yourself online. Seeing as i am supporting both of those subjects (publishing/books and internet safety/security), i want to support a different subject matter on Patreon. I am thinking of giving to (which sounds like an invaluable service (new media, basically)) and there may be a couple others i wouldn't mind giving to. I am not interested in throwing drops in a bucket on money to “big” creators or/and influencers because they are more or less just e-panhandling at that point and i would rather support people AND causes that i give a shit about. Not just entertainment-related content.

Anyway, that's all for now.

now i guess this is going to twitter

but i wanna sync this to Mastodon will get there. very open-minded founder

i am chillin

got a Monster

cold af outside

doing my favorite thing in the world since i got my new keyboard (blogging)

and my IdeaBooks arrived in the mail (as i mentioned before)

it's 2:45 PM and i got nada to do today. just chill

i have all my of journals from imported (downloaded) onto this phone and i have to take all of them and put them into one, big text document on Turl (the note-taking app) and start work on that #book of journals/diaries/offline notes that i have been promising myself for so long. Gonna be a bit before it is complete bc i still have to getthe “Pi Journals Vol. 1-4” off the flash drive.

All in due time

that's all for now

To Blog Only

I remember them good ol' days of 2006. No one (that I knew) had a smartphone. Everyone was still carrying around RAZR flip phones. There was no social media (that most anyone had heard about). No Instagram. No arguments over Tweets. Nada. And celebrity gossip blogs ruled the Internet.

I ran one such gossip blog called Notorious News, and later went on to Fatback Media (a much, Much larger blog (and partnered with TMZ)) and my sarcastic bullshit was plastered on the Web on a daily basis between a very tight-knit network of other gossip blogs / pop culture sites, and it was great. No time being killed on a social network. Of course when celebs started to Tweet the latest & greatest parts of their lives independently of a publication on a by-the-minute basis; bu-bye gossip blogs.

But i am not here to mourn the death of the American Celebrity Gossip Blog. No, i am here to contemplate to myself (via blog) what it would be like to blog and only blog and basically not use social media at all. I mentioned last night that i am going to pick up Cal Newport's new book titled Digital Minimalism which causes the reader to look inward towards themselves and see if social media is actually necessary in their life. I, myself, am 100% addicted to Twitter and now weening myself off of that and sorta onto Mastodon, but that is just transferring one social media addiction to another and is not a “fix” at all. So, abandon it all? And just have this here bloggy....

Worth thinking about.