Re-investing In Dapper-ness

Lol. I do like to look dapper sometimes, though.

Ok, seriously, I am buying a new safety razor (w/ featherlight blades) because i like the classic look of the handles from (i think it is called), and they have all kinds of apothecary gear, as well to boot! I am getting a synthetic shaving foam brush, some nice foam/gel (even though i have tons of the stuff) and of course all the other good stuffs.

Also, too, by the way (and this is quite unhealthy) I am buying the brushed black Stanwell 98 straight poker (tobacco pipe) + a couple different types of tobaccy (War Horse Red Bar + Dunhill Classic English) because i did enjoy having a tobacco pipe when i had one (less than a month ago). I just need to remember to stay stocked on the back-up #ecig juice, as well (which i have a hell of a lot of). So, that will be fun.

And to top off the dapper tapper wagon, I am going to get a frreshhhh haircut ASAP. Perhaps tomorrow. This shag has got to go and I am doing the military fade that I have been doing since post-BCT '04. I love the short, tight hairdo's and i am overdue for one.

That concludes my rant of uber-manliness and i hope i didn't offend anyone. If I did, fuck you anyways. LMAO!

That's all for now