The Other F Word a very good documentary. If you haven't seen it before, it is about a lot of the classic punk rockers from the 70s, 80s, and beyond becoming fathers and how they balance a music / tour / punk-rock-ethos sort of life with fatherhood. Great stuff.

On a related note: i could never be, would never want to be a dad. I have nothng against kids, but i was being very real with myself when i adopted a dog and told myself “this is training wheels to see if I would want to have a kid. If dog ownership goes well, i may actually be responsible enough to have a kid.” And having Riverdog basically was like Murphy's Law since the first week I had him. I then gave him up four years later. I just did not like being a dog owner, and though i know i would never be a deadbeat dad, having a kid would truly drive me insane / kill me from stress. It's great to inspire people who feel they wouldn't be the best parents to give them confidence that they could be good parents, but when you are someone like me, and know in my heart of hearts that i authentically choose not to be a parent, best bet is to not pursue trying to have a kid or talk that person into it. Maybe that is why i don't date very often? lol

So that was a pretty cathardic little blog post, probably because i haven't had a therapy appt in a while and my therapist of course helps me talk through these issues and i tend to pour my heart into my blog posts when i haven't had therapy in a while. Sometimes i blog candidly even on days I do have therapy, but, yeah.

I do like punk rock a lot though. I will say that.