Using The IdeaBook

I ordered two of them. They ar simple journals that have nothing but lines to write on. No frills. Minimal as fuck. I love em. Been jotting down a note here and there, or sort of mini-journal entries, and i like it. Some things i do not share on the Internet and i like to keep to myself. 100% transparency is always a lie.

Anyway, i made some coffee just now and i plan on being up late as fuck, and i am thinking about what i have planned this week. No “appointments” to speak of, but still plenty to do. Without the Internet (or fast Internet), i will probably have a lot more free time. This is usually occupied by puffing a tobacco pipe, or writing, but it will only be the latter for now, because i am in between tobacco pipes. Very, unhealthy, of course, but very enjoyable.

I do have some books i want to checkout from SLCL, but i owe them $$$ because of two books that still have not been returned yet. I should just return those and start reading the Ethics textbook I have (philosophy). I also have to fill some people in with the fact that I have dropped my college courses (one of which being philosophy) this semester because the more i think about attending STLCC (or any college) the more demotivated i get about the long, arduous slug that it will be to complete two years of community college. Even if it were free, I doubt i would still pursue it, because it is such a time-suck. I admire those who have the patience and motivation to do so, but i never had a lot of encouragement to pursue college to begin with (i am the first in my family who has attended), so when the motivation runs out, or I need something to inspire me, it isn't there. And that is not sustainable.

I do like getting short-term, quick-and-dirty certifications, though. I have one from SLCL in Research Writing (Research Methods For Writers, is what it is called), and i enjoyed that immensely. So, i have thought about pursuing an EdX cert, or even getting the compTIA cert. The latter is something that could actually be of value in the real world. That's one of the things that made the cert from Job Corps so much fun – the real world applicability of it. So compTIA is something to think about while i simultaneously do the “404 Darkly” e-zine (which is just a side-hobby for fun).


I will definitely need a damn friggin laptop to do the cert. I need a laptop to do a lot of things I want to do in life, actually. Kind of hard to not live with a computer of some kind in 2019. I think the #mobile-only crowd could / should just be for “old timers” and not someone who is damn near a digital native sch as myself. I am 35 and i am a writer and someone who spends almost all of their time online. I should damn well have a laptop! LOL!

I will consider this